To ease the financial burden placed on families we would like to request DONATIONS for transportation costs to send 10 pallets of donated items to Fort Severn First Nation. These supplies which include, jackets, diapers, baby formula, children’s toys and learning materials as well. Over 1700 lbs of donations were sent to Fort Severn in May 2019.

Project Overview

Due to the difficulty and cost to send and purchase many essential supplies such as clothing, diapers, baby formula, children’s toys and more, True North Aid has connected with members of Fort Severn First Nation to send these supplies to the remote northern Ontario community. The supplies will benefit children and their families. Special thanks to Sew On Fire Ministries for the excellent donations, Gardewine Transport for help with Trucking, Wakenagun CFDC and Wasaya Airways Cargo for their assistance with in delivering this to the community.

Mission & Goals

  • To send practical and essential supplies to Fort Severn First Nation
  • Supplies included diapers, baby formula, clothes, jackets, toys, non-perishable food and more.

Who, What,
Where & When

Fort Severn is the most northern community in Ontario and is located on the Hudson Bay. Fort Severn is a fly in community and faces many challenges due to its isolated and remote location. There is only 1 small store there that sells basic items which usually cost about 3x more than they would in Southern Ontario. Fort Severn’s population

Thank You From Fort Seven

Fort Severn would like to give a huge thank you to all the donors who helped make the donation of clothing, baby food, and children’s games possible. It was like Christmas in Fort Severn, everyone was so excited to see what was arriving in all the boxes. People came in over the weekend to look through all the donated items to find things for their families, it was a fun-filled community event. It was so beautiful to see the generous and giving spirit paid forward as people were finding and sharing things they knew could be useful to someone else. Thank you so much for you kindness, generosity, and for thinking about our people and families in Fort Severn