Other Ways to Donate

Cheque or Giving Sponsor Card

Make Cheques Payable to True North Aid,  PO Box 37023, Kitchener, ON, N2A 4A7



If you’d like to donate through Canada Helps, CLICK HERE

Gifts of Publicly-Traded Securities

Rather than selling investments and gifting the proceeds, donating publicly traded securities in-kind can be a convenient and tax-efficient way to support True North Aid. Contact info@truenorthaid.ca for more information.


Send e-transfers to info@truenorthaid.ca.

If you’d like a tax receipt, please send us an email with your First and Last Name, the amount donated, mailing address and your e-mail address.

Start a Fundraiser

Another way to donate is to create a fundraiser to share with peers through our GiveCloud Portal. For more information, click HERE.