Water is a fundamental human right for all. Yet despite Canada’s abundance of freshwater sources, many Indigenous people in Canada still lack access to safe drinking water. Some have lived their whole lives in communities with long-term water advisories. Although many water challenges in Indigenous communities are due to a lack of sufficient infrastructure,  many are faced with the challenge of finding dedicated and trained personnel to run this infrastructure.

We aim to work with partners toward a “Boil Water Advisory” FREE Canada. Through “Water” we support the various projects of Water First, a registered charity in Canada dedicated to providing clean drinking water solutions to Indigenous communities across the country.

Supporting Water

True North Aid is proud to work with organizations such as Water First whose mission to help provide water education and resources to Indigenous communities across the country.

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Article 25

Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinctive spiritual relationship with their traditionally owned or otherwise occupied and used lands, territories, waters and coastal seas and other resources and to uphold their responsibilities to future generations in this regard.

Water Project Highlights

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