In 2023, True North Aid spent $718,867.44 on Indigenous-Led Initiatives through the Community Initiatives Program.

The True North Aid Community Initatives Program supports Indigenous-led projects in northern and remote communities in Canada that aim to create positive and impactful community-centred change. As a charity in Canada, we believe that Indigenous self-determination and self-governance are key to addressing inequities and social justice initiatives.

An Indigenous Advisory Committee meets to collectively review and identify grant recipients and communities with capacity-building opportunities.

Community Initiative Focus Areas

True North Aid supports projects that empower communities with holistic and sustainable projects focused on, but not limited to:

  • The advancement of education, cultural revitalization, and community-building
  • Reclaiming plant/food sovereignty
  • Addressing housing inequities
  • The promotion of holistic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being
  • Equitable access to essential resources

Past Projects and Ideas

Ways to Apply

Firstly, Submit a General Inquiry Form HERE.

Submit your application through our SurveyMonkey Apply Portal. Keep your application saved and in one place if you need to take your time to fill it out. This is also great for when it’s time to fill in your mid-term and/or final reports.

Our Outreach Manager will help you fill out the application by phone and provide the questions to the application beforehand.


For inquiries email Amanda, at or call 226-444-3385

Questions will be provided to you beforehand to answer on video and submit to our Outreach Manager.

For inquiries email Amanda, at or call 226-444-3385