Accessing quality health care is difficult for many living in remote Indigenous communities. Inequitable and inaccessible healthcare options often result in community members moving to larger urban centres for treatment, away from family, friends, and tradition, or missing out on events and gatherings, including school. True North Aid is committed to serving and supporting healthcare initiatives that provide a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Supporting Health

True North Aid is proud to support initiatives such as Moon Time Sisters, helping to provide menstrual supplies, as well as providing critical care items for babies and families, and mobility aids for those in need.

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Articles 23 and 24

In particular, indigenous peoples have the right to be actively involved in developing and determining health, housing and other economic and social programmes affecting them and, as far as possible, to administer such programmes through their own institutions.

Health Project Highlights


Providing baby supplies to health hubs in remote Ontario

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Whether through volunteering, fundraising, monetary or supply donations there are many ways to support the communities we work with. Get started today. Together we can make a difference!