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True North Aid believes that there cannot be reconciliation without truth because the very essence of our work, providing practical humanitarian support to northern, remote Indigenous communities across Canada, demands that we collectively ask ourselves, why our organization exists in the first place.

The truthful answer is that True North Aid exists due to the forced assimilation of Indigenous people into Eurocentric culture through government policy and racist laws. These policies and laws, reinforced by a false dominant narrative, have resulted in Indigenous people experiencing ongoing and devastating socio-economic challenges, inter-generational trauma, and loss of identity through suppression of culture and language.

Reconciliation in Canada, therefore, encourages these two interconnected commitments:

  1. the unlearning of a harmful, false dominant narrative, through self-education and celebration of Indigenous culture and contributions, and
  2. replacing harmful systems and filling any inequitable socio-economic gap through practical support that encourages Indigenous self-determination. 

True North Aid’s reconciliatory initiatives aims to repair a relationship that is long overdue all of us. 

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