Friends of the North Misiway Shipping Container

Province: Ontario

Community:  Moose Factory

Date: 2019

In 2019, True North Aid and Friends of the North Misiway purchased and retrofitted a shipping container to serve as an outdoor clothing store for Moose Factory, Ontario community members. The container was filled with donated goods such as hockey equipment, school supplies, bedding, items for seniors, and food. It is regularly stocked by donations by the Friend of the North Misiway in Kingston, Ontario.


From Friends of the Norht Misiway’s 2019 Report: It is rewarding to learn that there are many repeat customers and the low cost, quality clothing is appreciated. During the year 38 bags totalling 1,400 lbs of new or nearly new clothes and bedding were delivered to the Misiway Shop in Moosonee. Additionally, members of the community have been contributing some supplies.
We are fortunate for the continued generous support of a never-ending supply of clothing and toys from the Helping Hands group from Port Hope which Irene transports to Kingston and the continued use of Monica’s basement here in Kingston for sorting.