Province: Ontario

Community:  Sioux Lookout

Date: 2020 – Present

True North Aid and the Indigenous Family Support Program in Sioux Lookout have collaborated to establish “Maamiikiwe” [maa-mee-ki-way]. Translated from Ojibway, Maamiikiwe means “gives gifts away.” This partnership aims to connect essential maternal, infant and children’s items with mothers and families in need. Donated items like diapers, wipes, bottles, clothing,blankets, along with hand-knit hats and sweaters, are made accessible for families through the Aboriginal Family Support program, Healthy Babies, Healthy Children and the Pre and Postnatal Support Program. Many of the donations provided to the Maamikiwe Program were purchased through Amazon’s Delivering Smiles Program, Graco, Nuk, and other groups across Ontario.