Rollup for the North

In Partnership with Goodwill Solutions London and Rollup Inc.

In 2023, True North Aid provided over 200 wheelchairs and mobility aids to 14 communities across Canada.

A standard wheelchair in Canada costs, on average, $2,500.

This prohibitive cost creates a need for affordable mobility devices, specifically for those refused government funding.

Many people living in remote communities must meet strict requirements to qualify for Non-Insured Health Benefits and private insurance.

In addition to the affordability of these devices, living in remote communities creates a barrier for Indigenous people to access health practitioners who would assess the need of the individual and help with the required paperwork.


Therefore, individuals who go without new mobility devices must resort to using old devices that are falling apart or are flown out-of-community to an urban area to be assessed. This later scenario creates unduly and unnecessary logistical stress with added costs.

True North Aid has provided medical supplies and mobility aids to northern and remote communities in Ontario and Manitoba since 2018.

In 2020, this initiative grew into a partnership between True North Aid, RollUP Solutions In. and Goodwill Industries to provide refurbished, like-new wheelchairs to communities all over the country.