Northern Health Initiatives was created to help support the health care needs of individuals living in remote communities across Canada. These supports include arranging transportation and collection of requested medical supplies such as wheelchairs, walkers, diabetic supplies, wound care supplies and more. IMA is also committed to helping to provide specialized health care professionals to these remote communities.


Project Overview

Northern Health Initiatives is a project of True North Aid with the design to support the healthcare needs and requirements of individuals living in our Northern communities. In Canada, Indigenous peoples face the biggest health inequities compared to their non-Indigenous counter-parts. Our objective is to help close the gap between government and the people requiring services relating to their health. This includes access to medical equipment that they may not be able to completely afford or locate within their communities throughout northern Canada and access to specialized medical personnel.

Mission & Goals

  • Collect medical supplies in the Kingston area and ship to designated communities
  • Transport medical supplies,
  • Send qualified health care professionals to assess individuals for needs – ie. Mobility aids, wound care, physiotherapy and other supports as necessary
  • Teach individuals to help relatives/neighbours who may live with physical impairments with their activities of daily living
  • Educate individuals and families on how to use specialized equipment and allow individuals to live with dignity at home.

Who, What, Where & When

Keewaytinook Okimakanak is the Northern Chiefs Council which helps to serve six Indigenous communities through areas of health, education, economic development, legal assistance and more. They currently service six communities – Deer Lake, Fort Severn, North Spirit Lake, Poplar Hill, McDowell Lake, and Keewaywin First Nations. The Indigenous Medical Alliance team is currently working with and supporting the home care team under the supervision of Karyn Meekis. For more information please visit:

Weeneebayko Area Health Authority is a health-care network operating hospitals and supporting federal nursing stations in remote communities along the James Bay and Hudson Bay coasts in Northern Ontario, Canada. They support six First Nation communities including Attawapiskat, Peawanuck, Fort Albant, Kaschewan, Moose Factory and Moosonee. Supplies were transported and dispersed to these communities in the summer and fall of 2017.

The community of Fort Hope is located on the shores of Eabamet Lake in the Albany River system 360 km north of Thunder Bay. This is a fly-in community in the middle of northern Ontario with winter roads utilized February through March. There are approximately 1500 people who live on the reserve, with an additional 700+ community members living off the reserve. While most residents speak English, it is
common to hear people speaking Anishinaabe.

Past Projects

IMA container 2018
On August 19th, 2017, through partnerships with local businesses, agencies and charities in the city of Kingston, medical supplies with a value of more than $100,000 was collected for six Northern Ontario communities located on the James Bay. Items were collected, cleaned and sanitized, packaged and labelled and flown from Kingston to Moose Factory, Ontario.The supplies were then distributed by the Rehabilitation Services Team at the Weeneebayko Area Hospital to communities serviced by WAHA: Attawapiskat, Moosonee, Fort Albany, Peawanuck and Kaschewan.

Special thanks to the Weeeneebayko Area Health Authority’s rehabilitation services program and their occupational therapy team, YGK Airport, V2 Innovations, Habitat for Humanity ReStore Kingston, Central Airways and Air Creebec for their assistance with storage and distribution.

Special thanks to the Weeeneebayko Area Health Authority’s rehabilitation services program and their occupational therapy team, YGK Airport, V2 Innovations, Habitat for Humanity ReStore Kingston, Central Airways and Air Creebec for their assistance with storage and distribution.

We’re happy to announce that the Kingston community filled over 1.5 20ft containers with medical supplies and equipment on Saturday, August 25th, 2018. Items included electric bath lifts, wheelchairs, 2 hospital beds, various walkers, wound care supplies and more. A huge thank you to Capital Movers & Storage | Walker’s Van & Storage for supplying the trucks and containers, Canadian Tire for letting us use their parking lot, the Independent Order of the Oddfellows and Rebekahs of Harrowsmith for supplying a truck and trailer full of medical supplies!

Thank you to Dana Bell who volunteered her time to help us moving supplies and a huge thank you to the Kingston and surrounding communities for your generous donations of medical supplies and support. Our next steps are to clean the supplies and move the shipping containers to Keewaytinook Okimakanak’s storage unit in Balmertown so that they will be dispersed to clients who desperately need such supplies. Stay tuned as we will be having a clean up day within the next few weeks and are looking for volunteers. If you have some ideas for fundraisers or would like to donate, please donate at and mention the Indigenous Medical Alliance. Thank you, Kingston!!


Does Your Community Need Medical Supplies? Fill Out This Form Below!

  • Are you a member, a teacher, doctor, nurse, or other professional in the community? Or do you have a family member in the community?
  • To give an example, True North Aidhas been able to provide wheelchairs, walkers, bathroom equipment, rails, canes, crutches, incontinence supplies, ostomy supplies, wound care and more.
  • How will you decide which individuals receive equipment and how will you make the equipment accessible for those that need it? (IE. Community cupboard, have nursing station/community care store and assess need).

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