learning from and growing together


Restoring relationship with Indigenous peoples in Canada is a significant key to alleviating poverty. Canadians must be educated on the truth of attempted assimilation over the past 150 years resulting in devastating consequences that has left so many of our First Peoples in a place of poverty with many social challenges We have a duty to confront the past and build relationship, nation to nation, people to people. Reconciliation is everyone’s responsibility and True North Aid seeks to be an active partner in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s “calls to action” through reconcile-Action projects and initiatives.


  HOCKEY CARES Facebook Instagram   The Hockey Cares project promotes real reconciliation through a positive cultural exchange, building lasting relationships between Indigenous and
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ONGOING PROJECT The Good Ally Project (GAP) is a project of True North Aid and founded by Kingston ON resident Katie Koopman. Her vision is
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