On September 30th, we honour the children, families and communities affected by residential schools. We remember those who did not return home. True North Aid recommits to Truth and Reconciliation by supporting Indigenous self-determination through practical humanitarian support.

The ongoing humanitarian support True North Aid commits to is a direct result of the tragic legacy of residential schools in Canada, resulting in the socio-economic inequities experienced by Indigenous communities across Canada.

We invite you to join us in this reconciliatory effort by reviewing content you can share on your social platforms. We also encourage you to contribute to the good work of True North Aid.

Peer Messaging and How to Help

You know your audience best. Whatever you intend on saying in your social media feeds, let it be from the heart.

Reach your audience by sticking to the facts and providing them opportunities to continue their education. Perhaps there is a book or podcast you could share that greatly influenced your own self-education.

Here are suggestions on how to craft your message to honour the day:


  • Ensure your language is appropriate.
  • Do not use possessive language (such as “Our Indigenous” or, “Canada’s Indigenous”)


We’ve included a toolkit for you and how to get involved with our Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Tool. Your contributions will help remote Indigenous communities in Canada.



Using appropriate #hashtags is a great way to continue the momentum.

We suggest using the hashtags: #orangeshirtday #residentialschool #CallsToAction #NationalDayForTruthAndReconciliation #Reconciliation #everychildmatters #IndigenousPeoples #IndigenousVoice #IndianResidentialSchools #CallstoAction #RememberHonorAct


Lastly, become an active ally everyday of the year. 

  • Learn the history of specific current tensions.
  • Diversify your news feed by following Indigenous voices.
  • Engage your peers in conversation about what you are learning.
  • True North Aid has provided specific visuals that you may download and share

Social Media Messaging for Your Use

If you’re unsure what to post on your socials on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we invite you to use the messaging and imaging below.

“(Today) On September 30th, I (we) will honour the children’s families and communities affected by the residential school system. I (we) will remember and honour those who did not return home.
I (we) acknowledge the truth, that Indigenous communities challenged by poor socioeconomic outcomes are a direct result of residential schools and their intergenerational legacies.
True North Aid is a practical aid organization that serves northern communities and commits to Truth and Reconciliation by supporting Indigenous self-determination through practical humanitarian support.
[Match my message by copying and pasting on your social media feeds.]
[Match my donation and contribute to the good work of True North Aid. Visit www.truenorthaid.ca/donate]”

About the Artist- Mance Granberg

Mance Granberg is a two spirited Abenaki Artisan whose family originates from Wolinak/Bencancour area of Quebec and currently lives in Kingston, Ontario. A former RPN for over 22 years, Mance now dedicates full time to their art.

This art piece was created by Mance as commissioned by True North Aid for use to promote the organization’s 3rd Annual Reconciliation Walk being held in Kingston on September 29 and October 1.

To view/purchase Mance’s artwork visit Indigenous Revelations on Facebook.