Indigenous Youth Opportunities Project

An Exciting New Project
By True North Aid Coming In June 2021

True North Aid invites all Indigenous Youth (13-30 years old) in Canada to apply for funding for creative projects that have helped them with mental wellbeing and healing. All projects – from dance, food/cooking, sports , music to traditional and cultural activities- are welcomed to apply!

Successful applicants will also have access to Life Skills Training Coach led by Teresa Snow. This 2-week workshop will provide additional resources and information to ensure Youth feel supported and successful. 

The grant application process will be accessible, easy-to use and available online.

Levels of Grants will be offered:

Raven Level -$250: ideas and concepts centre on one activity, carried out by one to two (2) people which is uncomplicated to do. Concepts requiring at this level of funding may require help with promoting the activity. Ex. Conducting a one-day Drum circle 

Turtle Level- $500-$750: ideas and concepts centre on more than one activity, carried out by more than two (2) person and require more partnerships. Ex.  A drum making workshop and an Elder who offers expert guidance. Or a schoolteacher is involved to host the workshop in the school etc.

Eagle Level – $1,000: ideas and concepts centre on multiple activities with multiple community partners and require more resources. Ex. A drum making workshop in multiple communities, with Youth across communities. Or a Share and speak workshop.  

For Youth who have managed positive outcomes from traumatic experiences can apply to the Spirit Stream Level for: $250, $500-$750 and $1,000. Ideas and concepts can follow the guidelines for each award level, as they appear above. Updates to True North Aid includes an in-depth interview and 2-3 videos about your project that can be submitted through your phone or laptop. If you need help with sending videos, please let us know.  

Meet The Team