Happy National Aboriginal Peoples Day!

On National Aboriginal Day, June 21, 2021, True North Aid was excited to launch the Indigenous Youth Opportunities Program (IYOP). Since then, IYOP has awarded 7 grants to youth from across central and western Canada!

Stay tuned for the date when 2022 applications will be accepted! We look forward to hearing from all youth across Canada!

Indigenous Youth (13-30-year-olds) from across Canada will be invited to apply for a grant (from $250 – $1,000) towards boosting their initiatives and projects.

All strengths-based projects: from arts, music, sports, to traditional and cultural or uniquely crafted- are welcome!

BONUS marks for ideas that helped Youth uncover their personal Superpowers! Whether you are a musician, carver, sculptor, landscape, or beading artist; community organizer or designer/music DJ… we want to hear from you! Tell us how you used your Superpower for your own wellbeing and wellness.  



Here is a sample of Strengths-based activities:

o    Your own strength(s)-based activity

 o   Sports- based: baseball, hockey, skating, lacrosse, fitness classes, weightlifting workshops.

o     Indoor Activities-hobbies club; board games club, sewing/quilting/bead making/dream catcher/moccasins/curtain/dresses clubs and workshops.

 o     Outdoor Activities-canoeing, fishing, and camping groups

 o     Performing Arts- based -learning an instrument, acquiring new language, singing, dancing, cooking classes, start up a business, or writing a book.


Thanks to our early supporters True North Aid launched a pilot of the Indigenous Youth Opportunities Program (IYOP). Visit their stories below!