Settler Discussion Series

True North Aid created the Settler Discussion Series in response to the momentum of Settler Canadians who were deeply grieved by the recoveries of the 215 residential school children at Kamloops Indian Residential School on May 27th, 2021 and the subsequent findings of additional unmarked graves across the country.

Participants are challenged by learning about current tensions and injustices against Indigenous people and how they are a direct result of the motive of those in power pre and post Confederation Canada

The Settler Discussion Series encourages settlers to learn the truth about non-Indigenous/Indigenous history by addressing the topics of Settler/White Privilege, Land, Residential Schools, and Allyship in a factual way.

Each session (Settler/White Privilege, Land, Residential Schools, and Allyship) can be hosted online or in-person and is approximately 1 – 1.5 hours long and one session is hosted weekly for a total of four weeks. 

Each session should have registered a minimum of ten participants to a maximum of twenty to ensure fair contribution, respect of time, and allow for organic relationship building. 

Each week a tailored email is sent to participants recapping points made and general group discussion, as well as curated content regarding the next week’s topic. Participants can choose from the email to read suggested articles, watch short videos, or listen to a suggested podcast or Indigenous song. 

The content of this discussion series has been vetted by Indigenous advisors who speak into the reconciliatory work of True North Aid.

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