Freezers for Aklavik

Province: Northwest Territories

Community: Aklavik

Date: December 2022

It is estimated that more than 60% of the residents of First Nation communities in the Northwest Territories face food insecurity. Their only option to attempt to feed their families is to rely on traditional food, hunting, and gathering. The challenge with the Aklavik Indian Band of Aklavik, as with many First Nation families, is being unable to preserve and store traditional food between harvest periods. Also, due to economic constraints and needing to address energy insecurity, many of the families cannot just pop down to the local hardware store – if there is one – to buy a freezer. For most, a freezer purchase would take away from putting food on the table, heating the home and buying the bare necessities of life.

True North Aid is proud to have provided 30 freezers to families in the community.