British Columbia

Moon Time Sisters BC is the British Columbia Chapter of Moon Time Sisters, a volunteer-led organization initiated originally in Saskatchewan by Nicole White. Moon Time Sisters supports menstruators living in remote communities in northern Canada by sending menstrual products (pads, tampons, cloth pads,  reusable products, etc).

Mission & Goals

  • Provide free menstrual products to those who do menstruate in northern, remote communities
  • Promote the power and solidarity of those living in northern Indigenous communities
  • Organize collection drives and packing parties throughout the province of British Columbia
  • Collect, organize and send menstrual product donations  

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Product Donation

Updated September 2022: Thank you for supporting Moon Time Sisters B.C! 

Check back soon for more details on our next product collection and how your help can support menstruators in remote BC Community.

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Interested in an in-person or virtual training session about menstruation or menstrual equity? Email your chapter lead for more details?

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