Moon Time Sisters Ontario is a volunteer lead chapter of MTS based out of Toronto and Ottawa and began in March 2017. MTS-Ont currently supports 9 different First Nation communities in northern Ontario, parts of Quebec, and the North West Territories. 

We collect items such as pads, tampons, menstrual cups, menstrual underwear, and cloth pads through donations made by colleges and universities, business, and the general public. 

We have partnered with different northern community programs such as the community health care program, high schools, women’s shelters, and church groups to distribute the donations collected. All monetary donations that are received go to supporting our high shipping costs. 

For items not able to be shipped, MTS-Ont has partnered with the Native Child and Family Services Toronto and donates the items to their Toronto family shelter. All usable items donated find a home within the Indigenous community.


Mission & Goals

  • provide affordable menstrual products to women and girls living in northern communities
  • promote the power and solidarity of women living in northern Indigenous communities
  • Organize collection drives and packing parties throughout the province of Ontario 
  • collect, organize and send menstrual product donations  

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