The Why

Many Indigenous peoples who live in the most remote regions of the country experience an extreme lack of access to essential and affordable resources.

For those us who want to help Indigenous communities in Canada we invite you to CONTACT US, and we can help provide direction. Below are some other ways that you can support northern communities. Indigenous Communities in Canada, (First Nations, Metis & Intuit) want the right to self-determination and self-governance, better education for their children, improved drinking water and an overall improvement of the standard of living in their communities.

Here are some ways to donate and get involved with True North Aid’s efforts. 


Financial support can often be the best way to help us help our First Peoples in Canada. The cost of transporting humanitarian aid to remote Indigenous communities is very high. We receive many gift-in-kind donations from a multitude of businesses and organizations but are responsible to identify a need, connect with the community and then transport the supplies.

We are grateful for the many sponsors across Canada who support us through gift-in-kind donations of all kinds and services like storage, office space and transportation.   These are the individuals, businesses and organizations who make the work of True North Aid possible.


A True North Aid team member are the individuals who provide us assistance through volunteer support in their area of expertise and passion. We need your help! There are so many things to be done, admin tasks, research, connecting, collecting, transporting, sorting, writing, speaking, sharing, networking, giving and so much more. Join the team of one of our initiatives or help us with basic administration and serve where you are passionate. Contact us today.

These are just some of the ways to DONATE and to  help us make a difference for our First Peoples in Canada. Read about our latest projects.

See our LIST of Canadian Charities and organizations in Canada helping.