For those us who want to help Indigenous communities in Canada we invite you to CONTACT US, and we can help provide direction. Below are some other ways that you can support northern communities. Indigenous Communities in Canada, (First Nations, Metis & Intuit) want the right to self-determination and self-governance, better education for their children, improved drinking water and an overall improvement of the standard of living in their communities.

Here are some ways to donate and more behind our foundational stones of support.


Financial support can often be the best way to help us help our First Peoples in Canada. The cost of transporting humanitarian aid to remote Indigenous communities is very high. We receive many gift-in-kind donations from a multitude of businesses and organizations but are responsible to identify a need, connect with the community and then transport the supplies.

We are grateful for the many sponsors across Canada who support us through gift-in-kind donations of all kinds and services like storage, office space and transportation.   These are the individuals, businesses and organizations who make the work of True North Aid possible.

Food is a necessity for survival.  Food provides the energy and nutrients we need to be healthy and active. For our First Peoples in Canada, access to healthy and affordable food is not the reality and is a major concern contributing to a health crisis. For many remote communities, food insecurity is many times higher than the Canadian national average. (taken for granted by most Canadians) True North Aid seeks to do what we can help provide and explore ways to promote and support food sustainability initiatives so Indigenous communities in Canada can thrive.

Proper nourishment will help Indigenous children to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. With more than 60% of Indigenous children living below the poverty line there are many hungry families in our northern communities. The cost of food in northern communities can be many times higher than what we pay in the south. Donating food to Indigenous families supports the nutrition of young children. Many of the children are below the age of two as parents face many challenges in their ability to provide properly. In some cases, it is only your support that helps families make it through tough times and find strength to make things better for themselves. Contact us to find out if and how you can donate food through one of our initiatives. See our Food Initiatives.

Self-determination is the right of all people to determine their own destiny. For our First Peoples living in Canada this has not been reality. True North Aid believes that the right to self-governance and self-determination are key to closing the poverty gap as young people are inspired and empowered to pursue their dreams and build their own communities. We are committed to supporting Indigenous youth, like Dwight Ballantyne to pursue their dreams and lead their people forward towards a bright and prosperous future.

Restoring relationship with Indigenous peoples in Canada is a significant key to alleviating poverty. Canadians must be educated on the truth of attempted assimilation over the past 150 years resulting in devastating consequences that has left so many of our First Peoples in a place of poverty with many social challenges We have a duty to confront the past and build relationship, nation to nation, people to people. Reconciliation is everyone’s responsibility and Ture North Aid seeks to be an active partner in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s “calls to action” through reconcile-Action projects and initiatives. A perfect example of this is Hockey Cares, which facilitates exchanges between suburban and northern community, bantam-aged hockey players to discover and celebrate their unique cultures. Read more about Hockey Cares and Good Ally Project.

Health is freedom from illness and injury and is a key component in alleviating poverty. For many remote Indigenous communities in Canada, swift access to health care within their communities is far from the national minimum standard. True North Aid is committed to serving and supporting Health Care initiatives that support and promote a healthy body, mind and spirit. Our Indigenous Medical Alliance project is designed to support the healthcare needs and requirements of individuals living in our Northern communities. We work and we wish to fill the gap between government and the people requiring services relating to their health. This includes access to medical equipment that they may not be able to completely afford or locate within their communities throughout northern Canada.

Donate to organizations that promote mental health among Indigenous people.  Many indigenous families bear the emotional scars of the abuse crimes committed against them over the past 150 years through the Residential Schools Act and attempted forced assimilation. It will take many generations to heal the trauma of the past but help our First Peoples through counselling and mental health services.

Educating non-indigenous Canadians is key to alleviating poverty. As Canadians understand the tragic history of non-indigenous/indigenous relations in Canada, we begin to understand why we find ourselves in this present situation and attitudes and prejudice begin to change. As this shift begins to happen we can then embrace our First Peoples and their incredible culture and all it has to offer us. We believe we have more to learn from them then they would have from us. Invite us to come and share with your school, workplace or anywhere you gather together. Contact us today!

Support education initiatives like Shannen’s Dream, a very worthwhile charity begun by Shannen Koostachin, a youth education advocate who dreamed that first nations’ children and youth could learn in safe and comfortable schools with culturally based education that would help propagate the beliefs of her cree people. Many schools in the north are well below the Canadian standard and there is far to go, but Shannen’s dream is coming true in parts of the north.

Homes are a place to belong and feel safe and secure. Lack of housing and quality housing in northern communities is epidemic. Many families are forced to live in small, crowded and unhealthy homes with a high percentage in a deplorable condition. True North Aid seeks to partner with northern communities, individuals, organizations, companies and government to continue the efforts to provide the quality and quantity of housing needed to sustain this basic essential to every Indigenous man, woman and child living in the north.

Water is a fundamental human right to for all. For our First Peoples, it is the gift of life and is Sacred. Without water we cannot survive. As the protectors of our water, Indigenous communities in Canada have not had save and accessible water. True North Aid is committed to developing partnerships to work toward a “Boil Water Advisory” FREE Canada.

“Nobody cares what you know till they know that you care”. There is a profound lack of hope found within northern communities in Canada. Lack of hope leads to a lack of purpose and despair and results in poverty leading to self harm and many negative impacts. Everyone needs hope to survive and True North Aid seeks to provide any measure of hope we can through various hope projects & initiatives to simply demonstrate that we haven’t our First Peoples and opens the door to relationship, dialogue, trust and understanding.  See our many HOPE projects.

A True North Aid friend are people, groups or organizations in northern communities whom we serve and support. They represent their community through their commitment to their people and provide the important link between the work of True North Aid and their community. They are our point of contact and oversee the service, distribution and support we seek to provide. We take direction from them on how we engage their community.

A True North Aid team member are the individuals who provide us assistance through volunteer support in their area of expertise and passion. We need your help! There are so many things to be done, admin tasks, research, connecting, collecting, transporting, sorting, writing, speaking, sharing, networking, giving and so much more. Join the team of one of our initiatives or help us with basic administration and serve where you are passionate. Contact us today.

These are just some of the ways to DONATE and to  help us make a difference for our First Peoples in Canada. Read about our latest projects.

See our LIST of Canadian Charities and organizations in Canada helping.