Mshkiki Gitigaan Kwe

Indigenous Advisory Committee

Mshkiki Gitigaan Kwe/Medicine Gardener Womanaka Katelyn Brennan (she/her they/them) is a local Anishnaabe Kwe born and raised in Nogojiwanong with a connection to Alderville First Nation. Mshkiki Gitigaan is a mother of 2 who loves meeting folx where they’re at to bring healing through music.
She has spent 10+ years working at Niijkiwendiaa Anishnaabekwewag Service Circle, taking on multiple different positions, but is currently on mat leave and now singing weekly for Nogojiwanong’s most underserved. Mshkiki Gitigaan is constantly working towards justice, equity, diversity and inclusivity, providing education for those who recognize the need for change. In her free time, she runs a small business featuring the many different artistic creations that come straight from the Top Of The Head.(T.O.T.H.); she’s an events coordinator and is now proudly serving as a member of The Indigenous Advisory Committee for True North Aid.