True North Aid developed a project to provide atmospheric water generators for families and community centres in desperate need of clean water. The system requires low energy and zero mechanical maintenance. We chose Sustainable Energy Logistics as a product vendor for our Water Project.

Project Overview

Water advisories affect thousands of Indigenous families living in Canada. Many suffer physically and mentally from exposure to contaminated water. We wanted to help alleviate the burden by providing help to those who need it most. Our first location for the units is Liard First Nation in the Yukon. One of the units is located at the community’s band office while the other unit is located at 2-Milke Hall Community Centre of Watson Lake. These were installed in December 2018.

These units will serve as a test towards future atmospheric water generator project for Canadian Indigenous communities in need.

Mission & Goals

  • Provide a simple solution to drinking water in indigenosu communities
  • This project serves as a test towards future atmospheric water generator projects for indigenous communities in need.
  • Provide an affordable and accessible solution for families in need.
  • Serve families that lack access to clean drinking water in their remote communities

Who, What,
Where & When

Liard River First Nation is located in southeastern Yukon by Watson Lake. Their current population as is 1152. Liard River is a member of the Kaska Tribal Council and their language is Kaska.

This current project is being led by Eric of SEI Logistics with the collaboration and support from True North Aid.

SEI Official Report

April 20th 2019, Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

SEI is pleased to announce the successful installation of two atmospheric water generators, one being located at the Liard First Nation Band Office, with the second being installed at 2-Mile Hall Community Centre of Watson Lake.

Both machines will together serve as a tested towards future atmospheric water generator projects for Canadian indigenous communities in need. The Liard First Nation, recipient of both machines, will over the coming months test the machine’s effectiveness, robustness and applicability towards their unique circumstance(s) and beyond.

The Liard First Nation currently delivers potable water via truck to several band homes in the community due to a lack in public water infrastructure. With this solution, local Kaska Dena families could potentially access 10-30 liters of potable water daily from water vapors in the air. We see this solution helping Canadian families without access to potable drinking water due to advisories or infrastructure gaps.

Testing began with some minor interruptions and technical difficulties, but pleased that both machines are now producing water. Our intent is that SEI make this solution more accessible to the families that need them most. Over time, we hope to reduce our cost per unit from $2,500 to $1,300. We thank True North Aid, a registered Canadian charity, and it’s generous donors for providing Liard First Nation with this water solution. Our hope is, that together, we can serve more families who lack safe during water in northern remote communities.