Fundraiser For the north


For many children living in remote communities in Canada, many are unable to afford sports equipment because of the high cost of living. Help support these communities by helping Jane and her book group raise funds and collect supplies while honoring the Traynor Family. For more info please contact! 


From Jane Mallen, Key Fundraiser


I came across the True North Aid website several months ago while researching charities that support Northern Indigenous communities. I was drawn to the work of True North Aid, particularly because of its focus on practical humanitarian support based on eight foundational “Stones of Support”.  

Recently, a friend of mine tragically lost members of her family. We are in the same book club (or “book family” as we call ourselves, as we have been together for 25 years!). Our book club has been seeking meaningful ways to honour her family members, who were sports enthusiasts and participated in many sports programs in the Durham community.  

My friend is also a strong supporter of Indigenous communities in the North, particularly through her work as a teacher. We know that many remote communities are dealing with complex and challenging social issues, including the high cost of living, overcrowding in houses and poverty. These challenges have been significantly amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the current environment, there is limited or no access to sports programming for many Indigenous youth and their families. Several communities in Northern Manitoba are seeking support so they can offer hockey, family skate and other programs. We are therefore raising money, as well as seeking donations of new/nearly new (excellent condition only please) winter apparel, skates, helmets, hockey sticks, skis and ski poles.

Donations will be made in memory of Chris, Bradley, Adelaide and Joey Traynor and in honour of Sam and Loretta Traynor, and the family’s incredible contributions to the Durham sports community.

Please contact Jane Mallen at for further information.

Thank you!