We are asking for funding to supply the total community of Tsiigehtchic, Northwest Territories with new mattresses and beds. With your help, we can accomplish this with no one left out.


About Tssighetchic, Northwest Territories

Tsiigehtchic is a small First Nation community of 200 members of the Gwichya Gwich’in First Nation, located approximately 70 kms north of the Arctic Circle and 3,000 kms north of Edmonton. It is a beautiful spot, in the centre of their traditional territory that they have inhabited for 1000’s of years, but it offers little in the way of a western economy. More than 80% of the residents carry on their traditional on the land, land hunting, fishing, trapping and food gathering activities to survive, a necessity as income for more than 70% of the population is less than $40,000 per year.

The Story

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to appreciate the little things in life and try to enjoy every day because it’s a gift. So, if you feel like brightening up your day, we’ll give you a good opportunity. But what if you were so far down in the bucket, you were looking up at the bottom. Sometimes, it is just real hard to see the good things in life.

The forgotten people. How would it be to be part of a whole community that struggles just to make life, life? Where more than 70% live below the extreme poverty line, and where a 2-liter carton of milk costs $17.00, a pound of hamburger, $12.00, or a dozen eggs $8.00?

How would it be to live where one of the pleasant things most of us take for granted is far beyond reach?

How would it be for to have to sleep on the floor because there is no bed, other than possibly a foamy, or hand-me-down mattress with more than 20 years on it?

A good mattress and a good night’s sleep should be basic to any child or family member. But, when you cannot even afford the basics, a night’s sleep means hitting the floor, climbing in with family members, or sleeping on what could be a 20-year old plus mattress.

We are out to change this, one bed at a time. The 200 members of the First Nation community of Tsiigehtchic in the Northwest Territories deserve a good night’s sleep. And we are on a mission to help them accomplish that.

Please help us, help them. Let’s put our heads and hands together and get this community new beds and mattresses as well as bed frames, pillow, and mattress covers.

To give a good night’s sleep to a whole community, we are hoping for:
48 Queen Mattresses + bed frames
48 Queen Mattress Covers and pillows
28 Full Mattresses + bed frames
28 Full Mattress Covers and pillows

A Mattress? What will it do for a community?

Everyone’s day begins in one of two ways; after a good sleep or after a bad sleep. In Tsiigehtchic, it is mostly after a bad night’s sleep.
Facing the day following a bad night’s sleep is a challenge. It is a challenge for anyone, but imagine yourself in the mind and body of a person who faces a huge gap in substantive equality compared to most in the rest of Canada.

For the parent or guardian, there is an increases in stress when just trying to put food on the table. Think about living on less than $40,000 per year for a family where 2 litres of milk can cost $17.00, a pound of hamburger $12.00 and a dozen eggs, $8.00. And having to exert energy you do not have to head out onto the land to try to catch a fish to put meat on the table. Exhaustion from a bad night’s sleep creates risk, it creates lack of attention, and it negatively impacts emotions that attack relationships. And that is just the beginning.
For the child, it affects how they perform in school, if they even have the energy to go to school. And it creates a very bad living environment. How do you explain to a child that they have to sleep on the floor, on a foamy, or in a dilapidated, 20-year old mattress because there is no other bed? They face a large gap in substantive equality compared to most other kids in Canada, and they live it every night.


We could wax eloquently about the impacts of not having a good night’s sleep; but how could anyone have a good night’s sleep, having to sleep on the floor, or on any of the mattresses provided as an example of what the community puts their head down on each night?
Having money to buy a new mattress is the furthest thing from most of the community members’ minds.
With all this being said, won’t you please consider helping Tsiigehtchic get a better night’s sleep by donating to this very important initiative today.