Northern Supplies for Success 


True North Aid is ecstatic to work with York University Student, Hazel Garde to help provide school supplies, menstrual items, and healthy snacks to northern and remote communities in Manitoba and Nunavut. Please consider a donation in the form below to support Indigenous youth in remote communities! 


Project Overview

My name is Hazel Garde, I am 23 years old, and I’m from Oakville, ON. I am in Year 5 of my French Bachelor of Education at York University – Glendon and I’m going to teach middle school French as a Second Language. As a language lover and a born traveller, I’ve always wanted to spend a few years teaching English in northern Canada during my teaching career. I came up with the idea to raise funds and school supplies when I was just about to start my own year of schooling and I was thinking about how difficult it is for many to comfortably begin school without significant financial burden, particularly in remote communities and with COVID hardships on top of everything.  I’ve read about the exorbitant costs of food, school supplies, and feminine hygiene products in areas of northern Canada, particularly a recent Twitter post by a high school student, and I didn’t feel that it was right that kids didn’t have affordable supplies with which they could begin school. I resolved to help make things a little easier for as many students as possible up north this year. I posted my ideas on social media and some very kind souls have been sending me funds and dropping off supplies that they have bought themselves.