Learning from the Land

supporting culture in Nelson House, MB and Buffalo Narrows, SK


True North Aid plans to provide assistance to Nisichawayasihk Neyo Ohtnwak Collegiate (NNOC) in Nelson House, Manitoba, and Buffalo Narrows School in Saskatchewan to purchase supplies for their Culture Integration and Outdoor programming to teach youth the importance of land-based learning and culture in their respective communities. Please help us purchase hunting/fishing gear to help youth connect to their culture.


Project Overview


Nisichawaysihk Cree Nation (Nelson House) is located in Manitoba and is home to 3000 on-reserve band members. True North Aid is hoping to support the Nisichawaysihk Neyo Ohtinwak Collegiate (NNOC) and the Buffalo Narrows  Twin Lakes Community School in Saskatchewan, with their cultural exploration and on-the-land learning program that will engage students in their traditional ways of hunting, trapping, and fishing. This helps students focuses on taking back their culture and their identity, ensuring that these traditions are still alive for the generations to come.

For More Information on these schools please visit: https://www.ncncree.com/


Mission & Goals

  • To provide hunting, trapping and fishing gear and as well as safety gear to the two schools which would include;
    • snares
    • fishing lines
    • camping gear
    • ice shelters