Help students in First Nations communities Learn From Home. A $40 donation gets a backpack of school supplies in the hands of some of Canada’s most vulnerable children. Our goal is to send 900 backpacks filled with supplies and activities by end of May 2020! 

True North Aid has had 3 communities reach out to us and request school supplies for their students: Clearwater River Dene Nation, LaLoche, and Canoe Lake Cree First Nation, all in northern and remote Saskatchewan. Like many First Nations communities, families within them often live in poverty and have difficulty affording and accessing school supplies in their northern stores.

With your help, we can help to ensure First Nations children are provided the basic and essential tools for learning, especially during the the COVID-19 pandemic.

About the Communities

Canoe Lake cree first nation


Canoe Lake Cree First Nation is located approximately 160 kms away from its nearest urban centre, Meadow Lake, in Saskatchewan. It has over 1000 members living on reserve and approximately half of its population is children.


Clearwater river dene
first nation


Clearwater River Dene Nation is located 620kms away from Saskatoon, its largest urban centre. It currently borders La Lachoe. Due to several cases of COVID-19 existing in the community, a lockdown has been put in place. They have approximately 1000 in its community. TNA is supporting Clearwater River Dene school with 400 backpacks


Laloche, saskatchewan


La Loche, Sasksatchewan currently services a large indigenous population and shares many of the resources as Clearwater River Dene Nation. Recently they have confirmed 12 cases of COVID-19 in the community.  The community has almost 3000 members, in which 89% of them speak Denesuline.


“Our kids finally got their backpacks last week. They were super excited! They loved all of the materials! The communication with your team was great. We were able to get all of the orders to Deer Lake effectively. Overall it was a great success. Everyone was so happy.” 

Gupreet Flora

Grade 6 teacher at deer lake first nation school in north western ontario

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