Indigenous Youth Opportunities Program Logo

The eagle is a sacred animal and messenger to Indigenous peoples. The eagle represents the ability to take flight of our hopes and wishes. The eagle is seen gathering his strength in his wings as he continues his journey. In a sense, he is gathering his support, be it his inner strength, belief, family, friends, fellow IYOP participants, mentors and community. The backbone of his body is depicted with a medicine wheel to show the balance needed in the 4 areas of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The geometric designs on his tail represent the mountains he needs to cross to make his journey successful. The black tip feathers symbolize respect, love, humility and courage. The black tip feathers are always seen as a gift of achievement. The three tipis represent their life span, infancy, youth and young adulthood. Tipis also represent the home and where we learn our ways of being to give life, sustain life and maintain life. The star symbol above the left tipi symbolizes our ancestors who have gone one before and how we as Indigenous people are connected to cosmology. The design on the third wing represents transformation and how we do one thing we do everything, or as above, as below. The Logo was designed by Teresa Snow.