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Indigenous Youth Opportunities Program

By Participating in the Youth Opportunities Program, you are agreeing to:

 1. Start your Award Program on September 2021- you have up to one year to complete your project.

 2. Attend & Complete a 10-day Skills Curriculum.

 3. Regular progress check-ins by phone/email/video calls with the Youth Opportunities Program Team (*Team Check-ins & Individual Check-ins will be determined).

 4. Sharing content (stories, audio, images about your project) for donor reports & Youth Opportunities

5. Be okay with sharing stories across social platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram

6. Become part of the Youth Opportunities Program Alumni group- to gather and share your successes with other Youth Leaders in Canada.

7. Host a Speak and Share session online or in-person.



Please complete and send in your forms.  SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE- for Funding levels. 8 Winners will be announced on December 31, 2021.Winners will have up to a year to complete their funded projects. You can submit additional pages if you require more writing space.

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Before submitting, please review Funding Details:


Raven Level -$250: ideas and concepts centre on one activity or two activities and are carried out by one to two people. Projects at this level are uncomplicated to do. Ex. Conducting a one-day Drum circle.

Turtle Level- $500-$750: ideas and concepts centre on more than one activity, carried out by more than two (2) people and require partnerships. Ex. A drum making workshop and an Elder who offers expert guidance. Or a schoolteacher is involved to host the workshop in the school etc.

 Eagle Level – $1,000: ideas and concepts centre on multiple activities with multiple community partners and require more resources. Ex. A drum making workshop in multiple communities, with Youth across communities. Or a Share and speak workshop.

Youth who have managed positive outcomes from traumatic experiences can apply to the Spirit Dream Level for: $250, $500-$750 and $1,000. Ideas and concepts can follow the guidelines for each award level, as they appear above. Updates to True North Aid includes an in-depth interview and 2-3 videos about your project that can be submitted through your phone or laptop. If you need help with sending videos, please let us know.

 *Grant categories serve as guidelines only. We will review each application on a case- by case basis. We will also offer one-to-one advisory support service so that Youth can be successful in their applications.

Thank You!