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Indigenous Youth Opportunities Program

By Participating in the Youth Opportunities Program, you are agreeing to:

 1. Start your Award Program on September 2021- you have up to one year to complete your project.

 2. Attend & Complete a 10-day Skills Curriculum.

 3. Regular progress check-ins by phone/email/video calls with the Youth Opportunities Program Team (*Team Check-ins & Individual Check-ins will be determined).

 4. Sharing content (stories, audio, images about your project) for donor reports & Youth Opportunities

5. Be okay with sharing stories across social platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram

6. Become part of the Youth Opportunities Program Alumni group- to gather and share your successes with other Youth Leaders in Canada.

7. Host a Speak and Share session online or in-person.



Please complete and send in your forms.  SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE- for Funding levels. 8 Winners will be announced on December 31, 2021.Winners will have up to a year to complete their funded projects. You can submit additional pages if you require more writing space.

  • i.e. Assembling care packages for Elders at Pauingassi and Little GrandRapids First Nation, Manitoba.
  • Please feel free to include additional pages with your application if you require more space.)
  • If no, please still apply.
  • If 'No', please describe briefly when you started and how are things going now?
  • Please use this table to fill out your anticipated budget for this project. Add more pages if more writing space is required.
    ItemCostNumber of items/unitsTotal costReason 
  • Please check one. If you prefer direct deposits but do not have a bank account, have you selected someone to receive the grant money on your behalf? If yes, please email their information at the email provided below. With your permission, we will include them in all our communications regarding grant/reward. If you need help with this question please feel free to email us at
Before submitting, please review Funding Details:


Raven Level -$250: ideas and concepts centre on one activity or two activities and are carried out by one to two people. Projects at this level are uncomplicated to do. Ex. Conducting a one-day Drum circle.

Turtle Level- $500-$750: ideas and concepts centre on more than one activity, carried out by more than two (2) people and require partnerships. Ex. A drum making workshop and an Elder who offers expert guidance. Or a schoolteacher is involved to host the workshop in the school etc.

 Eagle Level – $1,000: ideas and concepts centre on multiple activities with multiple community partners and require more resources. Ex. A drum making workshop in multiple communities, with Youth across communities. Or a Share and speak workshop.

Youth who have managed positive outcomes from traumatic experiences can apply to the Spirit Dream Level for: $250, $500-$750 and $1,000. Ideas and concepts can follow the guidelines for each award level, as they appear above. Updates to True North Aid includes an in-depth interview and 2-3 videos about your project that can be submitted through your phone or laptop. If you need help with sending videos, please let us know.

 *Grant categories serve as guidelines only. We will review each application on a case- by case basis. We will also offer one-to-one advisory support service so that Youth can be successful in their applications.

Thank You!