Holiday 2022

Mance Granberg is a two-spirited Abenaki Artisan whose family originates from the Wolinak/Bencancour area of Quebec and currently lives in Kingston, Ontario. A former RPN for over 22 years, Mance now dedicates full-time to their art.  

This art piece was created by Mance as commissioned by True North Aid for use of our holiday campaign. 

To view/purchase Mance’s artwork visit Indigenous Revelations on Facebook.

About the Artwork: 

“Often referred to as the heart berry because of its shape, the strawberry is an important food and medicine in Indigenous cultures. It helps us understand the connection between mind, body, spirit and emotions. The heart berry also reminds us of reconciliation and teaches us how to maintain heartfelt relationships.” – Excerpt from National Aboriginal Day, Sunrise Ceremony 2017