The Healthy Homes Project (HHP) is comprised of three  community-centred health and wellness workshops. The Home Maintenance workshop provides general housing maintenance training and hands-on opportunities for community members to apply workshop knowledge to common housing concerns. This workshop will also run concurrently alongside a community-centred  house inspection campaign to produce a comprehensive community inspection report.

The Health at Home workshop is intended to provide a wellness space for community-members to gather and engage in Indigenous medicine knowledge sharing and an opportunity to make a plant-based tea and sugar/salt scrubs. First Aid kits are also distributed to Health at Home workshop attendees. 

The Health for Yourself workshop is geared towards youth participants and is an opportunity to engage in interactive health promotion activities. The workshop focuses on youth mentorship and wellness exercises led by our Indigenous Youth Ambassador.

Program Details

To inspect Community housing infrastructure and facilitate three phases of the Healthy Home Model, through facilitation of three (3) introductory workshops and community sessions on common home repairs/maintenance that will prolong the equipment and current systems in households, and two (2) health-centred sessions on maintaining health and wellness at home.

There is one (1) youth focused health promotion interactive session and one (1) general health and wellness (Indigenous informed) hands-on workshop with emphasis on the Four Sacred Medicines and wellness practices at home. The session will include Indigenous medicine sharing (i.e: workshop includes Cedar Tea, Sage Body Scrub, First Aid kits). The youth-focused session will emphasize social interaction and forming healthy habits (ie: wholistic health, mindfulness activities, mental wellness, sport/physical activity etc.) and will be accompanied by a Health for Yourself Youth Resource Kit activity bag and booklet.

Healthy Home workshops to develop skills to assist with home maintenance, youth engagement sessions and, an Indigenous-informed health and wellness at home care workshop. Eabametoong F.N. will receive consultation after a needs-based analysis is conducted by completion of the community housing inspections.

The Healthy Homes Team

Jason Morningstar


Jason Morningstar (Founder/CEO) is Ojibway, Bear clan, from Mississauga First Nation. He began his career in law enforcement, after obtaining a diploma in Corrections. He worked nearly two decades for the Correctional Services of Canada, occupying the leadership role for the Emergency Response Team at Joyceville Correctional Institution in Kingston, Ontario. Upon completing an additional post-secondary program in House Inspections, Jason worked to incorporate and grow two local housing-related firms. Namely, Mspections Inc. and Indigenous Property Management Group Inc. (IPMG). Mspections Inc. specializes in community-centred workshops as well as commercial, and residential property inspections. IPMG supports Indigenous-specific community focused, housing and tenant related matters. Jason also works as a Project Manager for the construction department of Tribond Property Management, also a locally owned firm in Kingston. Jason has a passion for knowledge sharing and community building and is excited to expand relations within and across communities.

Karhinéhtha’ Cortney Clark

Program Manager

Karhinéhtha’ Cortney Clark (Program Manager) is Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk, People of the flint), Bear clan and member of Wahta Mohawk Territory. She works as the Indigenous Recruitment and Student Advisor for Academic Health Sciences and Professional programs situated in the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office, at Queen’s Health Sciences. The role entails academic and wholistic support for Indigenous students in undergraduate and graduate health sciences programs. Along with in-community recruitment and student support portfolios, she is involved in leading program development in Indigenous Health Education by way of health sciences curricular innovations, Faculty-development training, and establishing equitable admissions processes. She represents higher education program efforts to actualize the TRC Calls to Action, in Federal government policy discourses, relating to ongoing Indigenous health education advances in health and educational spheres. Karhinéhtha’ / Cortney is currently the Associate Chair for the National Consortium of Indigenous Medical Education – Admissions and Transitions working group. She has worked as a research assistant and academic collaborator with the Department of Emergency Medicine at Kingston Health Sciences Centre in research with Indigenous patients and communities. She is also currently a full-time student in the Doctor of Science Rehabilitation and Health Leadership program at Queen’s Health Sciences. Her research focus is on reconciliation efforts through integration of Indigenous medicines and healing practices with the Western- biomedical model of health sciences teaching and learning, to promote overall decolonization within the healthcare system.

Tyler Johnson

Public Relations Coordinator & Inspector

Tyler Johnson (Public Relations Coordinator & Inspector) is Métis and grew up in Belleville, Ontario. He joined the Mspections team in 2019 as the Public Relations Coordinator and Inspector Assistant. He possesses a similar background as Jason, in working for the Correctional Services of Canada at Joyceville Institution. Tyler’s experience in law enforcement maintains his ability to prioritize deliverables and adapt within complex environments. He occupies two roles within Mspections, with proven effective communication and organizational skills to support various community portfolios. Tyler and Jason have collaborated on a multitude of Indigenous community projects and have an established system for effective collaboration. Tyler operates out of Kingston, Ontario and has a passion for supporting small businesses through facilitating collective networking opportunities.