HEALTH physical and mental assistance

Health is freedom from illness and injury and is a key component in alleviating poverty. For many remote Indigenous communities in Canada, swift access to health care within their communities is far from the national minimum standard. True North Aid is committed to serving and supporting Health Care initiatives that support and promote a healthy body, mind and spirit.

  • mts on MOON TIME SISTERS Moon Time Sisters Helping Indigenous peoples in Northern communities access menstrual products DONATE About Moon Time Sisters A Flagship Project of True North Aid Moon Time Sisters is a volunteer-led organization supporting Northern menstruators by collecting and shipping menstrual products to remote communities across the country where access is limited and costs are prohibitive. Moon… Continue Reading
  • MAAMIIKIWE PROJECT MAAMIIKIWE PROJECT PART OF OUR #I DIDN’T KNOW 2019 FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN True North Aid, Hands for Heart and the Indigenous family support programs in Sioux Lookout are collaborating to establish “Maamiikiwe” [maa-mee-ki-way]. Translated from Ojibway this means “gives gifts away.” This partnership aims to connect essential maternal, infant and children’s items with mothers and families… Continue Reading
  • ktown to fort hope HEALTH FOR FORT HOPE PROJECT HEALTH FOR FORT HOPE PROJECT PART OF OUR #I DIDN’T KNOW 2019 FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN – VISIT THIS FEBRUARY 2020 The Health for Fort Hope project aims to assist members of Fort Hope First Nation with accessing health through orthotics, foot care, prosthetics and knowledge sharing based on the needs of the community. This is a… Continue Reading
  • 2019 Year-End Campaign 2019 Year-End Campaign SUPPORT OUR FINAL PROJECTS OF 2019 Help True North Aid fundraise for its final projects of 2019, representing our health, hope, education, self-determination and reconciliation stones of support. We cannot complete these without your support and passion. Please read our letter below. DONATE NOW In just a few short years, True North… Continue Reading
  • Health Inequalities for Indigenous Peoples Health Inequalities for Indigenous Peoples SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH Indigenous peoples in Canada represent the fastest growing population in Canada and endure some of the biggest health inequities in Canada.To understand some of these inequities, we must first under the Social Determinants of health: Socioeconomic status Lifestyle Geographical location Age Gender Colonization Community background Here… Continue Reading
  • ima clean up day NORTHERN HEALTH INITIATIVES NORTHERN HEALTH INITIATIVES ONGOING PROJECT Northern Health Initiatives was created to help support the health care needs of individuals living in remote communities across Canada. These supports include arranging transportation and collection of requested medical supplies such as wheelchairs, walkers, diabetic supplies, wound care supplies and more. IMA is also committed to helping to provide… Continue Reading
  • DENTAL CARES PROJECT COMPLETE In conjunction with our Hockey Cares Project, November 9 - 13, 2017, we have launched a Dental Cares Project to provide dental hygiene supplies and education in Attawapiskat. Support Lisa as she joins the team and provides important dental health education during this trip. Thank you Lisa Jamieson Mazzocato for a great job… Continue Reading
  • BABY PACS FOR THE NORTH PROJECT COMPLETE In Nunavut, there is a very modern and efficient hospital in the capital city of Iqaluit, providing excellent state-of-the-art care. Each year about 400 expectant moms are flown in to Iqaluit to have their babies. They are given wonderful care while they are in the hospital but are then returned to their communities,… Continue Reading