Collecting and Fundraising for Northern Communities

Thank you for reaching out to True North Aid and helping us help First Peoples first. Your willingness and generosity to help us serve and support northern Indigenous communities in Canada are what makes our work possible. Thank you. 

There are many ways for your school/group to help True North Aid and the community that we serve. 

Suggestions for Schools and Groups




Notes on Equipment & Collection Campaigns

Due to staff and volunteer limitations, True North Aid can only arrange to collect large quantity of items (minimum of four pallets that can be shipped to a community or stored).

We require that storage for the collected items must be secured prior to collecting them. True North Aid may ask for proof before we can agree to accept the collection. We maybe be able to assist with finding storage depending on city and location.

Once items are collected, please vet them so that we can assure that the best quality items are being sent to the community that is receiving.

We ask that collected items would be required to be placed in boxes, shrink wrapped and palletized prior to being picked up from our transportation partners.

Accepting Donations

We want to ensure that the donations that you provide are within the parameters below and if so, we are more than willing to receive theme provided that the above criteria can be met. We’ve learned through many experiences and feedback from our community partners in the north what is helpful and respectful and what is not. If your donation falls within the criteria mentioned below, please let us know!

Acceptable Items

  • new or gently used winter clothing
  • new or gently used infant wear
  • diapers (non-cloth)
  • dried food packages
  • new or used sports equipment in EXCELLENT condition
  • new blankets and towels
  • new toiletries including feminine hygiene products
  • new or gently used kitchen supplies
  • gently used or new medical equipment
  • new or like new backpacks filled with school supplies

Non-Acceptable Items

  • used/worn clothing
  • books
  • dresses
  • shoes
  • perishable and non-perishable food (canned items can explode in cold temperatures
  • knitted items for adults (sweaters, hats, gloves)