Flour is an essential staple food for those living in northern communities in Canada. From baking bread to thickening sauces and so much more, flour is an important resource for families.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, flour has become difficult to access for those living in remote communities due to the high cost of food, the inability for individuals to travel outside of their community, and the scarcity of the product in grocery stores.  

True North Aid aims to help fill this gap by purchasing flour from Prairie Mills Flour in Manitoba. By connecting with those who produce the flour themselves, we can provide this essential item for those who are in desperate need.  We will be purchasing and then donating 15 pallets with 50, 20kg bags, to communities who apply through our application portal via our website. Communities will be contacted by our team for further information. Once successful, we will coordinate on the shipment of the pallets. We also plan to collaborate with food distribution centres who serve the north.  

This project is just one step that True North Aid is taking toward helping northern communities with self-determination and food security during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Photos from our first flour shipment, summer 2020


In response to the COVID-19 crisis, earlier this summer True North Aid partnered with Great Lakes Milling Company in Brampton to provide over 20,000 lbs of cornflour to several community groups and organizations that support individuals and families living in remote and northern communities in Ontario and Manitoba. The groups benefiting from this shipment included the Regional Food Distribution Center in Thunder Bay, the Food Security Working Group in Kenora, the Salvation Army in Wiarton, and the Winnipeg Harvest in Manitoba. Each of these organizations serves various food bank programs in their communities and beyond and True North Aid is proud to support them. 

A huge thank you to Great Lakes Miling company for their generous donation and to Trucks for Change and Erb Transport for arranging shipment and delivering the flour.