Community Initiatives

In 2022, over $600,000 was spent in 34 communities through the Community-Led Initiatives Program

The True North Aid Community Initatives program supports Indigenous-led projects in northern and remote communities in Canada that aim to create positive and impactful community-centred change. As a charity in Canada, we believe that Indigenous self-determination and self-governance are key to addressing inequities and social justice initiatives.

True North Aid supports projects that empower communities with holistic and sustainable projects focused on, but not limited to:

  • The advancement of education, cultural revitalization, and community-building
  • Reclaiming plant/food sovereignty 
  • Addressing housing inequities
  • The promotion of holistic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being
  • Equitable access to essential resources

 An Indigenous Advisory Committee meets to collectively review and identify grant recipients and communities with capacity-building opportunities.

2022 Community-Led Initiative Highlights

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Wapaw Canoe Project

Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan

Pelican Narrows Wapaw Canoe project is one of the many projects that is supported through True North Aid’s Community Grant Program in Canada. The funds provided were used to purchase canoes for communal recreational use, in hopes of enlightening youth and adults on the traditional and cultural way of transportation used by Indigenous peoples. This project aims to strengthen the community’s Indigenous roots, allowing for the reclamation of the ways of their ancestors, and assisting in mental and spiritual wellness. We are excited for the continuation of this project into late September. A huge thank you to all who have made this program possible including band councillor, Sarah Swan.

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Doula Program

Grand Rapids, Manitoba

The Enhancement for Prenatal Doula Program in Misipawistik Cree Nation gives expecting and postpartum mothers the necessary support to thrive within their community. They also help to provide essentials for both the mother and baby, such as maxi pads, hair care products, breast pumps, Enfamil milk, diapers, bottles, blankets, and much more. This program recently facilitated a Summer Camp in late June for families to register and participate in workshops, which included dreamcatcher, fleece blankets, and wooden sign making. With these initiatives, the Doula Program aims to foster kinship, life skills, and revitalized birthing knowledge and cultural traditions. The Doula Program will continue to provide essential items for mother and baby and hold more workshops in the upcoming months.

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Jan’s Bay Summer Fun

Jan’s Bay, Saskatchewan

“Our Summer Fun Program that we received a donation of $5000 from True North Aid is now complete.  Jan Bay School gave out 25 Summer Fun Kits to families that included swimming pools, hoses, sprinklers, and various outdoor toys.  We also gave out 25 BBQ Food Hamper Kits which included burgers, hotdogs, buns, potatoes, and smore kits. With the remaining funds, fans and patio sets were purchased for contests which will occur during the summer up until July 8.  The community and the students were very grateful to receive these items and it will definitely make their summer more enjoyable.” – Sarah Aubichon, Principal of Lakeview Community School, Jan’s Bay

Who is True North Aid? 

True North Aid is a Canadian charity dedicated to serving and supporting northern Indigenous communities in Canada. Our mandate is to provide practical humanitarian assistance with the priority to help ensure the dignity and health of Indigenous peoples through our actions. As a charity working with the First Nations’ People of Canada, we choose to stay away from issues that divide us and embrace activities that unite us. Through reconciliation and educational activities, we raise awareness and promote an understanding of the tragic history of non-Indigenous/Indigenous relations in Canada, helping to inform our understanding of the situation we find ourselves in today.