Project Overview


Alina Heck from British Columbia started CANS for COVID as a fundraising initiative for TNA’s covid 19 fundraisers. Alina was able to use contacts through her siblings and friends in her community to create posters to put up around town and organize bottle drives.

Alina and her brothers organized with donors to pick up their bottles from a safe distance (end of their driveways or outside garages) to accomplish 2 tasks: take bottles off of people’s hands while bottle depots were not accepting donations, and raise funds for TNA.

Overall, Alina raised over 200$ so far! Which doesn’t sound like a whole lot…. but is a ton of bottles! To date, we collected over 4000 recyclable bottles.

If you’d like to support the True North Aid COVID-19 fund and Alina’s initiative, please consider donating today!