British Columbia Becoming Kin Retreat

Loon Lake Lodge | Maple Ridge, B.C.

Hosted by: True North Aid

Guest Speakers: Patty Krawec & Sharmeen Khan


British Columbia Becoming Kin Retreat will be hosted at Loon Lake Lodge.

Located in scenic Maple Ridge, B.C., approximately one hour east of Downtown Vancouver, Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre is situated amongst tall fir trees that frame the majestic Garibaldi Mountain Range.

Enjoy fresh, heart-warming comfort food.

Sufficient time will be allowed for individual reflection and community conversation.

Enjoy the trails, waterfront and this opportunity to become kin.

$375/pp (Early Bird) | $425/pp (after June 30th)

This fee includes accommodations, linens, all meals, facility use, retreat experience.

The Venue

14500 Silver Valley Road
Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2R3
Tel:  604-463-8148

Johnson cabins, Loon Lake Lodge BC

Johnson Cabin

Johnson Meeting Room, Loon Lake Lodge, British Columbia

Meeting Room

Accommodations at Loon Lake Lodge. Linens provided.

Shared & private rooms.

Loon Lake Lodge

Incredible scenery.

The Program

*subject to change

  • Wednesday, September 27

    Becoming Kin quote, "I am my relatives, all of them. I am related to everything. All my relations."


    4:00p – Arrival, settle in

    (Please go to the lodge first to check-in and receive your room location.)

    6:00p – Dinner

    7:00p – Greetings/Welcome

    The Beginning

    • Introduction

    • Chapter 1

    8:30p – Free Time

  • Thursday, September 28

    Becoming Kin Quote, "Our origin story is valuable because it not only tells us who we are; it tells us who we can become."

    Our Shared History

    8:00a – Breakfast

    9:00a – Unforgetting the Past

    • Chapters 2 & 3

    11:00a – Free Time

    12:00p – Lunch

    1:00p – Unforgetting the Past

    • Chapters Four & Five

    3:30p – Free Time

    6:00p – Dinner

    7:00p – Reflection

  • Friday, September 29

    Becoming Kin quote, "Rather than cutting off our roots because we are ashamed or afraid, we can reimagine the relationships we have inherited, and we can take up responsibilities to each other."

    Our Shared Responsibilities

    8:00a – Breakfast

    9:00a – Reimagining Our Future

    • Chapters 6 – 8

    12:00p – Lunch/Farewell