With the support of True North Aid, Gaagagekiizhik School is looking to purchase 30 bicycles for their elementary school students. Bicycles provide an opportunity of growth and well-being. Gaagagekiizhik School would like to provide an opportunity to create happy, care free memories of childhood, spending long days playing outside with friends and taking bike trips.

Project Overview

Gaagagekiizhik School is located in Kenora, Ontario and is operated by Bimose Tribal Council Member’s First Nations. To promote health and well-being True North Aid is fundraising to purchase durable bicycles for youth in grades K-9. Once the bicycles are purchased, True North Aid will partner with trucking companies to ship the bicycles to Kenora. The OPP will then take the bicycles from Kenora to Bimose and help with assembly and distribution.

There are several reasons why all children should be provided an opportunity to ride:

  • It’s great for your heart
  • It boosts your immune system
  • It’s a great future investment that saves the environment
  • It increases vitamin D – by getting out doors rather than staying inside to play video games
  • You live longer by prompting regular exercise
  • Almost everyone can do it

Missions & Goals

  • To fundraise enough money to purchase bicycles of assorted sizes that are equipped for use around the community
  • Ship and transport supplies to the students and staff at Kiizhik school in kenora.

Who, What, Where & When

Gaagagekiizhik School is located at 1450 Valley Drive, Kenora, Ontario, and is owned and operated by Bimose Tribal Council’s member First Nations. The school offers quality education infused with Anishinaabe spirit and culture. Our numeracy and literacy expectations are high, as we infuse culture and language into the classrooms; it also sets the appreciation and expectations of the Ontario curriculum. We focus on the progress and the enrichment of students learning in a holistic way, considering the mind, spirit and body as a whole.

Thank You from Gaagakiizhik School!

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019 – Thank you to True North Aid and Ontario Provincial Police for your generous support to Bimose Tribal Council. Today Gaagagekiizhik GaKinoo’amaawadiiwi’gamig Gakinoo’amaawasowin School, received 37 bicycles with helmets from True North Aid. The bikes came in various models and sizes from small child to youth for all ages to use and enjoy. These bicycles will provide an opportunity for growth, learning and well-being for the students.

Bimose Tribal Council would like to express our appreciation to Kenneth Smid and Kim Sigurdson – True North Aid and Adam Illman – Ontario Provincial Police for your support and personal commitment along with our staff who donated their time and expertise in putting the bikes together.

This partnership will benefit our students by supporting them in a healthy lifestyle while having fun.